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The necessity of the application of copper terminals


The contact rail in the current carrying conductor for copper wire, steel aluminum contact rail material, connected with the current carrying wire for aluminum, the contact surface of the two metals in the wet environment is easy to be formed in the electrolyte, the contact rail connections generate galvanic corrosion, contact life of electrical connection and power supply rail security risks.

In addition, the elastic modulus and coefficient of thermal expansion of copper and aluminum vary greatly, after repeated thermal cycling, will expand the contact gap between the joints, increasing the resistance of copper contact surface. If the contact resistance increases, the operation will cause the contact surface temperature, corrosion and oxidation at high temperature will produce increased the vicious spiral, copper aluminum connecting quality deteriorated, resulting in high temperature contact even welding, burning and other accidents, seriously affect the safe operation of power supply system for city rail transit.

According to "electrical equipment installation engineering code for construction and acceptance of generatrix" clearly stipulates: a bus and a bus, bus, bus and branch lines and electrical wiring terminals of lap, the lap surface treatment should meet the following requirements: copper and aluminum in the drying room, should be tin copper conductor. Outdoor or indoor air relative humidity is close to 100%, the aluminum plate, copper tin should end. Accordingly, copper cable and aluminum cable can be used when the copper aluminum connecting pipe, copper cable and aluminum wires can be used when copper terminals, copper tin etc. should end.
According to the above analysis and the relevant requirements, the contact rail of copper wire and aluminum electric connection board should adopt copper terminals.

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